User Agreement

Any persons wishing to use equipment or perform tasks in the GWW instructional labs and fabrication spaces must agree to the User Agreement.

Professional Conduct is required
  • Training is required to use any piece of equipment in the fabrication lab space.
  • Horseplay is never appropriate in any of the lab spaces.
  • Be aware of others around your work, and the work being performed around you, at all times.
  • Use the correct tool for the job and never abuse the tool. Use the training you have received.
  • Do not hold your work pieces with your hands when using cutting tools. Clamp your work piece in a vice and use two hands to hold the tool whenever possible.
  • Know your physical limits. Do not operate power tools when you are too tired to be alert.
  • Always report any injury, broken tool, housekeeping issue, or potential hazard to the Facility Coordinators (Facilities)

Dress for the work being performed
  • Personal protection equipment (safety glasses, ear plugs, breathing masks, etc) are to be worn anywhere signs are posted in the work space, or whenever appropriate based on training for that tool. For example, safety glasses are to be worn anytime powered, sharp, or impact tools are being used in your vicinity.
  • Never approach rotating or any large power tools with loose clothing, long untied hair, lanyards, headphone cords around your neck, or large jewelry that could pull you toward the machine.
  • Shoes worn in the fabrication spaces must cover the tops of your feet.

Never Work Alone with Tools in Category 3 or 4 (Tool Categories)
  • Work with at least one person within at least voice distance of you when Category 3 and 4 tools are in operation. Visual distance is required for Category 4 equipment.
  • You must not be separated by a closed door from this partner. If due to the space a closed door is unavoidable then the door must not be locked.
  • Your work partner must be trained (and able) to turn off the tool in the event of an emergency.
  • Partner must be able to call the campus police (404) 894-2500 in any emergency.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to confirm the above four steps any time powered tools are in operation.

Help Keep the Fabrication Labs Safe as You Use Them
  • Clean your work area of any debris that you have created or others have created before you. The next person using the space must find it to be clean, organized, and safe.
  • Help keep the floor space in the fabrication labs dry and free of tripping or slipping hazards such as saw dust, oil, electrical cords, or raw materials.
  • Whenever you use a tool, you are responsible for returning it to its proper storage location, regardless of where you found it. If you are unsure, please ask the lab personnel.
  • Exits, corridors, and passageways must be kept clear for safe passage during an emergency.
  • Never modify any tool, and especially, never remove safety devices from tools.
  • If you see someone working in an unsafe manner, you must gently correct them as a colleague.