Safety Policy

Purpose: This document details the George W. Woodruff (GWW) School of Mechanical Engineering (ME) safety policy in order to ensure a safe operating environment in Instructional labs and fabrication spaces. This policy covers the support personnel, safety procedures, operating and training procedures, signage, and safety notices/communications to courses with regards to maintaining safety. This policy complies with Georgia Tech Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) safety recommendations, while considering the curriculum requirements and the needs of students and faculty instructors for efficient and effective operations of the School’s facilities.

  1. To provide a safe environment for students, staff and faculty.
  2. Minimize risk to the school’s resources – machines, equipment and facilities.
  3. To enhance access to the GWW School Design Studio and Fabrication space.

Scope: The scope of this policy is applicable to all GWW School Faculty, Staff, Teaching Assistants (TAs), volunteer GT students, and designated University Lab Instructors (ULIs), and encompasses the School’s Instructional labs and the fabrication spaces detailed in Facilities.

Safety Policy – key elements:
  1. Prior to using any equipment to perform tasks in the GWW Instructional labs and the fabrication spaces, users will read, acknowledge and accept the User Agreement Reference: User Agreement.
  2. Maintain a unified training curriculum for all tools/machines (listed under Category 2, 3 & 4) within the GWW instructional labs and fabrication spaces. Reference: Tool Categories
  3. The Design Studio Fabrication Committee will monitor and regularly review the policy, as needed, and update the school’s Safety Policy and Procedures, reporting policy updates and recommendations to the School Chair at the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  4. Authorized Personnel and GWW Staff have safety duties and responsibilities. Reference: Staff Duties