The table below lists the instructional labs and fabrication spaces which are subject to the GWW Safety Policy. The room numbers and corresponding GWW staff facility coordinators are included.

Area Room #'s Basic Use GWW Staff Facility Coordinators
MRDC common areas (not covered below) 2nd & 3rd floor lobby General assembly Cary Ogletree, Clint Rinehart, Sterling Skinner, Steven Sheffield
Woodruff School Design Studios MRDC 2202 Small Machine Tools Clint Rinehart
MRDC 2203 Computers and Presentations
MRDC 2212 General Assembly
ME Machine Shop MRDC 2323 GWW Machine Shop Steven Sheffield
MRDC 2327 GWW Student Machine Shop
MRDC 2328 CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Machine Tools
Instructional Labs MRDC 3317 ME 3057 Sterling Skinner
MRDC 3319 ME 4053
MRDC 3321 ME 4053
MRDC 3328 ME 4053/3057
MRDC 3330 ME 3057/4053/+
MRDC 3334 ME 4053
MRDC 3336 ME 4012
MRDC 3329 Tool Room
MRDC 2106 Mechatronics
MRDC 1205 Internal Combustion Engines Lab
Invention Studio MRDC 2211 Water Jet/Laser Cutting Clint Rinehart
MRDC 2102 Wood Working
MRDC 2103 Electronic Assembly
MRDC 2104 3D Design Computers/Assembly
MRDC 2328 Machine Tools/Thermal Molding, CNC Lathe
Loading Dock Mobile Paint Booth